VCP5-DT Blueprint Study Guide

Those familiar with VMware certification exams will have experience studying for those exams with the excellent exam blueprints that occompany each test.  I took the VCP5-DT (VMware View 5) test several weeks ago and used its exam blueprint to study from.  While filling out the blueprint for my own study purposes, I thought it might be a useful tool for others as well so I went ahead and filled out most of the rest of the blueprint as well.  I did however, leave out certain portions for various reasons.  These reasons range from a) the meaning of the particular section was unclear, b) portions of the blueprint were redundant or c) certain sections can only be known through real-world experience (e.g. troubleshooting).  Despite these short omissions, there is quite a bit of content here (30 pages).  I got most of it from the resources listed in the exam blueprint and even copied and pasted tables as necessary.  I did add my own commentary in several places where I felt the listed resources did not go far enough in their explanation.

Download the blueprint study guide here.


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